The 27th UK Filk Convention
6th – 8th February, 2015
The Marks Tey Best Western Hotel

 UK Guest of Honour: Clare Goodall
Overseas Guests of Honour: Graham & Becca Leathers

It was a dark and stormy Filkcon night, and two women sat in a corridor in a Grantham hotel as the clock struck midnight.

“The children are older now,” said one to the other.  “We could run a convention again.  What do you think?”

The other stopped and listened, tilting her head to one side.  She could almost hear the sound of concrete making an odd “Moo…” noise*

“Oh, alright then…” she said, already pondering how to convince their husbands that this would be a good idea **

At the moment of agreement, a terrible deal was struck.  A deal that would only end in…. CON27ILKIN’!!!!   Augh!!!!

There will be singing.  There will be guitars.  There will be harps.  There will be workshops.  There will probably be an improbable amount of extraordinarily loud medieval instruments (but you can blame Clare for that).  There will definitely be many references to concrete cows***

We hope that there will also be YOU.  Come along and join in!

Membership fees are as follows:

Weekend Membership: £37/£27
Day Rates: Friday – £10, Saturday – £20, Sunday – £15
Children: under 5 years free, then £1 per year of age at time of booking, up to age 17.


For more information on joining, please visit the Membership Page.
For information about past UK Filk Conventions, please check here.

Email: Con27ilkin@contabile.org.uk

* It’s a difficult sound to identify, but once you’ve heard the mating call of a concrete cow, it’s difficult to mistake it for anything else…
** They later discovered that Rohypnol and hypnotism worked wonders…
*** It’s difficult to explain, but has a lot to do with Milton Keynes and the little publicised Meteor Impact of 1996…


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